‘They’ll never know how amazing that small gesture was.’: Suicidal woman in tears after stranger’s kindness gives her hope

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Never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness. Something as effortless as a smile or a “hello” can make someone’s day, and you may never know what small, thoughtful gesture might touch someone’s heart and even save their life.

Miss Faye, as she goes by on social media, was one such person who was greatly affected by the seemingly insignificant gift of a child. The video begins with her sitting on a park bench, just taking in her surroundings. She was doing a live for her followers when she captured this unexpected moment.

As the caption explains, she went to the park because she was having a rough day. However, at the time, she was having more than a rough day. She was feeling suicidal and was hoping to receive a sign she was meant to exist. “I wanted someone to show me kindness so I could believe it existed,” says Miss Faye.

A couple of young girls walking by stopped to offer Miss Faye some of the flowers they were carrying. Initially, Miss Faye declines, saying, “Awe, you keep it. It’s too pretty for me to take.” But the young girl insists, “You just as pretty!”

As the girls walk away, Miss Faye’s eyes well with tears and she takes several deep breaths, realizing this was the sign she was looking for. “They’ll probably never know how bad I was feeling and how amazing that small gesture really was.”

In the video, she asks people to not forget to do kind things for strangers, a sentiment we emphatically echo. Miss Faye doesn’t exempt herself either, adding, “Please remember you can be the kindness you long for. I tend to forget and I was praying for a sign when this happened.”⁠

She ends her video with, “You never know the kind of day someone could be having and how you could impact their lives for the better with one small thing. Thank you for giving me a little kindness today.”

Woman sits at the park, crying and clutching the flowers a couple of little girls gave her.

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