The Risks Of Breast Implants

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“I wasn’t sure I would ever share this story.

In 2009, I got cohesive gel, textured, breast implants. I wasn’t happy with my post baby body, and it seemed like a quick fix.

In the years that followed, my health rapidly deteriorated. My skin got so hyper pigmented. My lips, knees, ankles were all turning purple. My energy was non-existent. I suffered from months long cases of hives. My blood pressure was so low every time I stood up I would almost pass out.

Then in 2014, by fluke, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Addison’s.

Fast forward to 2019. News articles start popping up about breast implant illness, and articles on the recall of textured implants. In a panic, I scheduled an ultrasound. The doctor discovered several lumps in my right breast next to my implant. I had two biopsies, luckily they came back benign. It was then that I knew I could no longer live with these toxic bags of plastic inside my body.

In September of 2019, I had explant surgery. It was way worse, a much harder recovery than the original implants. To explant properly, the surgeon has to remove all of the scar tissue, otherwise you still run the risk of auto immune issues or breast implant associated large cell lymphoma (BIA-LCL). This involves scraping it off your lungs/rib cage, muscles, etc. I didn’t heal properly because of my autoimmune issues, and required a second surgery a month later.the almost two years since explant my health has improved, I can breathe when I run, and my body isn’t spending all day making an autoimmune response to a foreign object. But, it was too late for me, Addison’s is irreversible, I will never ‘get better,’ my life will always have an element of risk to it beyond a normal ‘healthy’ person.

I don’t share this story for pity. I made the decisions that led to this; and I have also made all the decisions on my path to being the healthiest version of myself. My only hope in sharing is that it might shine some light on the risks of breast implants. If one person stops to think for a moment about the decision, that’s good enough for me.”

woman holding breast implants
Courtesy of Carly Banner

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