‘Today my brother got married in the driveway of his home where a tornado ripped through in the middle of the night one year before.’: Woman says ‘love conquers through the darkness’

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“My brother got married today. He married the most beautiful soul, and I’m so glad she’s now my sister-in-law.

I didn’t get to be there as a bridesmaid. My parents didn’t get to be there. My brothers and all of our families weren’t there. About 20 people viewed online through Zoom, cars parked on their street, and a few friends on their driveway stood 6 feet apart from one another.

Courtesy of Messy Footprints

They got married in their driveway.
The driveway to their home.
Their home where a tornado literally ripped through in the middle of one terrifying night earlier this year, and took down their house.
They had to move out for 7 months.

And there they stood.
In front of that torn down, knocked apart, and REBUILT beautiful house.
They stood tall and fearless in front of that house.
Saying their vows, confessing their love.
Promising forever.

Courtesy of Messy Footprints

They got married during the world pandemic. And it was somehow the most beautiful thing.

Love conquers.
Love conquers through terrible circumstances and terrible fears.
Love conquers through darkness. Through the mess.
Love conquers through every outside force trying to knock it down.

All we have to do is get back up and stand.
Love conquers, my friends.”

Courtesy of Messy Footprints

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