‘When my mother passed away, someone started drama. We were gossiped about and given a cold shoulder when all we needed was a hug.’: Woman urges ‘unsubscribe from their mess’

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“When my mother passed away, someone was actually upset with my sister and I about a decision we’d made that wasn’t even important.

We were gossiped about and given a very cold shoulder.

There we were: we had just lost the only person we’d ever had (our whole heart), walking in unknown territory having never had to bury a parent before, trying to do it while taking care of our babies who weren’t even a year old (and our other children) in a city we no longer lived in.

Our hearts were heavy, and we were for real physically tired.

We didn’t need drama; we needed a hug.

I wanted to go off, but my mother was a person of peace, so we governed ourselves accordingly.

I personally couldn’t believe it.

Courtesy of Ganelle Gaddy Sutton

I’m using this old situation I’ve never shared to tell y’all something God is telling me tonight…

There will ALWAYS be people in your life who are so egocentric, they will make even your pain about them.

Their selfishness is so deep-seated they have an inability to turn it off even when they see others hurting. Their hearts are so backward,  they will not only be mad when you’re on the mountaintop, but they’ll also be jealous of the attention you’re getting in the valley.

People like this will always be around. It’s not your job to change them. Your job is to stay focused.

If you stop to try to handle every single person who tries to ‘act up’ in your life, you’ll never get to where you’re going, and you’ll always be fighting, fussing, and stressed.

There is absolutely no peace in that.

If they want to be the star of the show, let them be. Great. But you can’t sit here and worry about people who constantly try to take the little bit of peace you’re already fighting for. Unsubscribe from their mess, and go to bed!”

Courtesy of Ganelle Gaddy Sutton

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