6 Simple Ways To Be A Trans Ally

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1. Put Your Pronouns in Your Work Signature/Bio/Email/Zoom Name

Anywhere your name is, put your pronouns, too.

2. Respect and Use People’s Pronouns

Even when they’re not there, even when other people get them wrong. Especially then, actually—and if it is safe to correct someone (and you have permission to do so), then do it.

3. If You Mess Up Someone’s Name and/or Pronouns, Apologize and Move On

Don’t overreact, don’t apologize a thousand times. Just thank them for correcting you and keep the conversation going.

4. Use Gender-Inclusive Language When Referring to People or Groups

A simple, ‘Hey, everyone,’ goes a long way.

5. Offer Respect and Understanding

Just because you don’t understand someone’s journey or identity doesn’t mean it isn’t real or valid.

6. Do the Work

Learn what you don’t know, and use the resources trans people make and share. Listen to their experiences.

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