‘A silly mistake. I should have brushed it off, laughed. But I didn’t. I almost let it ruin the night.’: Woman claims ‘grace’ is the key to marriage, ‘bring it every day, even when you don’t want to’

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“A silly mistake.

I should have brushed it off and laughed, making the most of the situation.

But I didn’t. I almost let it ruin the night.

I wanted to be mad and stay mad, and I made sure he knew it. I ignored apologies, rolled my eyes as dramatic as possible, and threw some of my best hateful looks.

Because, well, I’m not perfect.

When he outstretched his open hand on the table, our eyes met.

We instantly turned into middle school girls who couldn’t contain our giggles.

I tried to hold my poker face, but it was no match for the man across from me.

He knows me all too well.

My flesh said anger, but my heart said grace.

Because we’ve learned that the key to an awesome marriage, is bucket loads of grace.

And when you think you’ve given enough, give more.

Courtesy of Caitlin Henderson

Grace when your husband sends you on a wild goose chase because he didn’t look at the map.

Grace when your wife is being a total jerk.

Grace when your husband forgets what you needed at the store.

Grace when your wife forgets (again) to wash your socks.

Grace when your husband is putting in long hours and you’re lonely.

Grace when your wife is angry and lonely.

We’re called to give grace as it has freely been given to us.

That’s not an easy task, but we’re here to tell you that it can change everything.

Grace is the defining aspect of the direction a marriage heads.

It’s the thing that cannot be absent.

Grace must be brought to the table day after day, even when we don’t want to.

Grace is everything.”

Courtesy of Caitlin Henderson

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