‘He used to sleep with his mouth wide open every night and wake up angry. I was told, ‘Oh no, that’s normal. Maybe his nose is blocked.’: After noticing her son’s sleep issues mom says ‘trust your gut’

“Trust your gut.

Trust your gut!

Every time my little boy would open his mouth, I’d see two big sized golf balls in the back of his throat.

I’d mention it so many times to the doctors and they all told me it was fine.

He used to sleep with his mouth wide open every night… but I was told, ‘Oh no, that’s normal, maybe his nose is blocked.’

He snored like a (little) truck and had horrible sleep. Always woke up angry. Always fell asleep in the early afternoons.

Always emotional. Very emotional. Couldn’t control his little emotions no matter how hard we tried to help him, and we were told to just try harder.

The only thing I could get him to happily eat was milkshakes, otherwise this was the world’s fussiest kid.

I was blamed by doctors. Spoken to like a hypochondriac.

Till one day I said to a doctor, I’m not leaving here until you give me a referral to see a specialist.

And my gut was right.

Children shouldn’t sleep with their mouth open.
They shouldn’t snore.
They shouldn’t just want milkshakes and gag at the thought of anything else.
They shouldn’t have golf size tonsils that touch.
And it’s not a behavioral problem. It’s not ADHD. It’s being utterly exhausted.

The specialist took one look at him and couldn’t believe how big they were.

We were booked in and they were removed.

3 weeks later, I have a different child.

Now my son doesn’t snore.
He doesn’t sleep with his mouth open.
He is not exhausted.
His emotions are in check.
He still likes milkshakes, but actually eats other things too.

And I know, to never to doubt my mother’s instinct.

Trust your gut mama, you know your child better than anyone.”

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Courtesy Laura Mazza

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