‘As my daughter and I ran along a back country road, we passed a man. ‘She’s setting the pace for you.’ Right there, something clicked.’: Emotional moment reminds mom to let go

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“Yesterday morning as my daughter and I were running, along a back country road, she went a few steps ahead. As I fell in line behind her, I watched her powerful stride take the lead.

She is not the little girl I used to allow to walk a few steps ahead of me in order to feel some form of independence.

She is now a woman, taking many steps ahead of me, on a journey to find her path.

Along our run we passed by a man, walking his dog, and as he passed he said, ‘I love it, a mother-daughter run.’

I asked, ‘Can you tell which one is the mom?’ And laughing through my labored breath, ‘The one in the back, much slower.’

His response, ‘She’s just setting the pace for you.’

And friends, right there something clicked.

As I was putting one foot in front of the other, with the sandy dust flying up at my calves, it dawned on me…my daughter setting the pace for our run is similar to allowing her to set the pace each day for our newly formed adult relationship.

It’s the pulling back at times as she leads the way day to day.
It’s the opportunity to run right along side her other days.
And maybe some days, it’s me taking the lead, guiding and showing the way.

Years ago I wouldn’t have been comfortable with this pace as I was raising young children, but now I’ll let my sweet girl set the pace and give me the cues for the day.

I realize now, sometimes being in the back and following pace allows for a perspective I didn’t see before.

It allows me to see strength from a different vantage point.

It allows me to see passion through a new lens.

It allows me to step outside of my comfort zone and see a new form of life.

So as my daughter and I continue our journey together, I’ll follow behind any day on our morning run, as the sun peeks through the trees.

I’ll keep my steady pace and watch her soar further and further ahead, allowing her the space to breathe.

And as her body takes flight and I run into the dust she has left behind, swirling in the air, I will confidently know, it’s only a a matter of time before she is next to me again.

But for now, this pace feels right and, with great clarity, embrace the moment.”

Girl mom snaps photo of her daughter running ahead of her, letting her lead the way
Courtesy of Ali Flynn

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