‘This virus will spread and turn awful.’ I didn’t want him to see me cry. He pulled me to him. I covered his shirt with tears.’: Covid-19 forces college student to leave school, boyfriend, ‘The two things I craved most were taken from me’

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“When I first heard about the Coronavirus I was in class. My professor explained how this virus will spread and turn awful. All I can say is, WOW! Was he ever right! When my professor first explained it to us I wasn’t really taking it as seriously as I am now. I mean, of course it brought worry to my mind, but I didn’t think THIS would happen.

I continued to go to school and live life like nothing was going to happen. I even got very serious about my love life. This man became my best friend and my lover. He and I spoke about this virus and even joked about it! Little did we know, it would make our studies and our relationship very hard.

It got close to spring break and we talked about how we would miss each other. We were also excited we could actually get a break from our studies at school. During this exact same week we both confessed our love for each other. It was so cute. Every time I think about it it just makes me so happy. Then, boom! Coronavirus shows up and changes everything.

We were together doing our school work when we found out the Coronavirus changed our plans. Someone in the same city as us had the virus! Wow! We were shook! Then boom, again. We got THE email. ‘ALL CLASSES WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER DUE TO THE DANGERS OF THE VIRUS.’ I honestly didn’t know if I should be happy because of the extended break or depressed because I couldn’t get the face to face help with my studies a lot of college students desperately need. In the same sense, I felt as though I had begun loving someone for no reason. I was emotionally drained. I didn’t want him to see me cry, so I turned around and began to cry very silently. He heard my sniffles and pulled me to him. I began to cover his shirt with my painful tears, I was so crushed.

Even thinking about that moment brings tears to my eyes. It hurts me daily. I’ve been single for two years and through school I always felt, ‘I will never get into a relationship until I get my degree.’ Everything I ever wanted in a man came out of nowhere and now it was being snatched from me. I have one more year in college and I felt school was being snatched from me as well. The two things I craved in life the most, success and love were being taken.

Throughout this process, I try my best to stay motivated about school and my love life. Hopefully we will make it work even with this distance if we are truly meant to be. And although online classes are hard, I know I can do it. College students, please don’t give up, please don’t let these online classes drag you down. Remember, we are the future!”

Courtesy of Kinga Cichewicz of Unsplash

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