‘My husband got a ‘work pass’ today to prove why he should be out and about when most of the world is on lockdown.’: Woman urges ‘check on your friends’ financially affected by pandemic

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“My husband got a ‘work pass’ today, and the thought of him having to present that letter is eye-opening to say the least.

Of course, I don’t like the idea of him stepping into harm’s way or actually having to prove why he should be out and about when most of the world has been asked to stay on lockdown.

I also don’t like the thought of others going without work when they have mouths to feed, too. I can’t help but think of those who are without a ‘pass’ or a steady income at such an uncertain time.

I’m grateful for accommodations for those who can work remotely, but there are some families already taking a hard hit.

A dear friend’s husband was just let go from his job with no severance, because his company just couldn’t keep up.

And families relying on a single income are especially vulnerable when that paycheck dwindles down.

Finances get tight and hearts get heavy.

These are our neighbors, our playdate friends, our hair stylists and servers at our favorite restaurants.

Let’s remember to check on them, too.

Let’s look for ways to support friends who run home businesses.

And friends who count on customer interaction to get by.

Let’s call next door and ask if they need anything and send gift cards for groceries and gasoline.

And give more to our churches and programs designed to help in ways we can’t.

Because some families are really starting to feel the pinch of our present condition, and healing is going to take some time.

As we’re praying for protection over our loved ones heading out to work, we need to pray for these friends, too.

All of us make up our community.

Looking out for each other is what’s essential.”

Courtesy of Jaclyn Warren

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