‘Drowning accidents can happen to ANYONE.’: Mom gives water safety tips as summer approaches

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“Sharing all things water safety today. I know the summer is slowly closing in, but the importance of water safety and awareness should be something you think about regardless of seasons, or if you are even swimming that day.

So many times these tragic accidents happen during non-swimming times. My intent is not to give anyone anxiety, but to bring awareness it can and will happen to ANYONE.

Here are a few things to remember around water:

A child can drown in a lake, pool, stream, bucket, bathtub, or canal.

A pool fence is a must, but does not mean you are exempt. Make sure there are no toys in the pool and nothing to climb onto to get over the fence.

Don’t ever ask another child to watch your child around water. Don’t assume if a child can swim it means they can be left alone. Or be in charge of another child in the pool.

Take CPR and renew it annually to keep it fresh.

Do not rely on swim floatation to keep your child safe.

Thank you for all the love and support!”

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