‘For the girls, it was just hanging a flag. For me, I was taking a stand.’: Dads hang pride flag on their house for the first time ever

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“Well, there she is.

Courtesy of Erik Alexander

Some won’t understand and others will. But this is my first time to hang and display a pride flag outside of our house. There was a certain liberating feeling when I walked out with the girls to hang it. Obviously for the girls, it was just hanging the pride flag. For me, I was taking a stand. I was owning who we are and proud enough to display it.

I guess a few factors came in to play in my reasoning. We really have not lived in an area that would have been welcoming, until we moved into our house 3 years ago. I wanted to hang it last year but our order didn’t come in time.

The year before that we were up to our noses in moving boxes.

But today, here we are- with our outdated flag and all. Hear us. Love us. Accept us.”

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