‘Going for a walk is not a crime. Don’t call the cops because your neighbor isn’t doing what you think they should be doing.’: Woman urges ‘we have to be all in this together’

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“Remember to be kind during this pandemic.

We all are feeling the weight and heaviness of what our world and people are going through.

We all have different fears, opinions, and feelings – let that be okay with you. Emotions are running high. Show grace.

We cannot help everyone, but we can make sure the ones in our circle are taken care of. If everyone looks out for your circle, everyone will be taken care of.

Don’t be selfish; you cannot have it all forever. When you run out, won’t you need someone to help you?

Stay unified. Don’t call the cops because your neighbor isn’t doing what you think they should be doing. We have to all be in this together. Going for a walk is not a crime. Remain calm.

Don’t walk in fear. Fear will never protect you. Live every day like it was your last. After all, what do you have to fear? Sickness? Death? Lay down that burden. It was never yours to bear.

Don’t read every article or comment on every post. There is a lot of media hype right now, and it’s not good for anyone’s mental health. Know when it’s time to take a break.

Stand together, help each other, love your neighbor. I can’t say that enough.

Be patient with your children. I know they are driving you crazy, I know you are overwhelmed, but so are they.

Husbands and wives, stay close to one another and support each other. You are both feeling a lot. Be vulnerable; let the other see your heart exposed. This is when you need your partner the most. Don’t let this come between you, but let it strengthen you.

And let me end with this, don’t buy the Louis Vuitton with your stimulus check. Your stress level is telling you it’s a good idea, in a few weeks, your sanity will come back, and you will thank me.

It’s a crazy time, but everything will be okay. And remember, love your neighbor and share your toilet paper.”

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

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