Dear Sister: You’re Not Just My Child’s Aunt, You’re His Second Mother

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“Dear Aunt BeBe,

I never knew how my relationship with you would evolve after I had my children. We’ve always had the close hearts of sisters but we have also at times been very much different. You see the world differently than I do, you dress differently than I do, you do almost everything differently than I do. But the day you became my son’s aunt, you became my closest ally, my wingwoman.

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

When I was in labor, you were there to help support me through an unknown experience. You chucked your sarcasm and humorous side at the door and showed me only love and encouragement. We got to meet Liam for the first time together. You cried tears of complete love for my child and were the first to hold him, aside from mommy and daddy. It was then that you made your place in our lives, in the life of Liam.

Over the years, you became not only just my sister but also my child’s second mother.

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

You were there to hold him close during a hard day of teething.

You were there when I cried tears while holding my new baby as I battled postpartum.

You were there to teach him how to use his very first spoon.

You were there with a bottle of wine the first night of sleep training.

You were there when my son took his first steps.

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

You were there during our first experience introducing time out.

You were there for my husband and I when we needed time to work on our relationship outside of parenting.

You were there to be a parent and support system for my son when we welcomed our daughter.

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

You were the one to give my son the courage he needed to say goodbye to the paci.

You were there to take over when I needed a break.

You were the power of numbers when my toddler entered the terrible twos.

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

You were there for every holiday, birthday, and first moments.

You are sometimes the comforter, the disciplinary, the imaginary pirate, the gift giver.

Without you, my son wouldn’t be complete. You are his hero, his safe haven, his escape, his second mom.

Without you by my side, I would not be the successful mother that I am today. Your presence in our lives could never be replaced.

Being a mother would not be the same without my other half, my sister.”

Courtesy of Ashleigh Beaver

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