‘He hugged me tightly. ‘Mommy, I’m so happy. I hope school never opens. I don’t want to see my bully ever again.’: Mom says ‘let us return to school changed and kinder’

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“For those of us stuck at home all day who are not essential workers, it can be hard to find the good in what’s going on in the world. The missed loved ones, the long lines at grocery stores, the persistent washing of our hands till they’re cracked and red, the death tolls, the homeschooling, the tears. For all of you who are struggling to find the good…I wanted to share a little something that happened to me today.

I’m a mom of 3. I was standing in the kitchen, cooking up some breakfast for my littles when my oldest, 7 years old, came up to me and said, ‘Mama, can I tell you something?’ He doesn’t usually say things like this, and especially not in the tone he had, so I was immediately taken aback.

‘What is it, baby?’ I said. He ran to my leg and hugged me tightly. Then he proceeded to tell me he was happy to be in quarantine with me. He’s been telling me he misses his teacher and his school friends, so I was a bit taken aback by this. I was sure he’d be saying the same thing again. After I told him I loved him, I asked him what were some of the things he loved most about being at home.

He said he liked spending time at home with his siblings and that he loved all my meals, particularly the mac and cheese with the graham cracker crust. Then he said it. The thing that I could tell had been on his mind. He said to me, ‘Mommy, I’m so happy school is closed. I hope it never opens. I don’t want to see my bully ever again.’ My eyes filled with tears.

We had been dealing with his bully on and off for almost 2 months at that point to no avail. The school chatted with the parents, but even that wasn’t enough. He hugged me even tighter and said, ‘I love being safe at home with you.’ My heart felt so heavy.

So that’s it, folks. My silver lining. It may not be the happiest of situations, but I am so happy my beautiful boy feels safe again. I’m so happy he has his full peace. Because in this household we teach kindness and love.

And please, when we all return to school again next year, let us return changed and with kindness.”

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