‘I let him know his lack of faith was a dealbreaker. ‘You will never find a man who will wait until marriage to have sex.’: Woman urges to singles ‘no amount of loneliness makes compromise worth it’

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“Okay, I’m going to be very real for a moment for my single Christian friends. I don’t speak often about these things, but I think we need to encourage one another more in this!

Last night I had a FaceTime convo with a guy I met on a dating app. I make it very clear on my profile that I’m looking for someone who is religious and loves Jesus. (Apparently this can mean many things to many people.) As we got into the discussion of faith, he expresses that he doesn’t have a relationship with God and has no interest in that. I kindly let him know that was a dealbreaker for me in terms of a dating relationship. He goes on to tell me that I’m looking for a needle in a haystack and that I will never find a man who will wait to have sex until marriage. He then joked about me still being single several years from now and wishing I had given him a chance. (Quality candidate, right?)

Honestly, my first reaction was complete disappointment and heartbreak. Not particularly because of this guy. But because what he said felt so true to me in that moment. Will I be single forever? Am I seeking out the impossible? How did my friends seem to all find their mates and not me? Will he ever come?

But this morning in my prayer time I felt this overwhelming sense of peace as God reminded me that, yes, I AM waiting for a needle in the haystack and that’s OKAY. Because I’m not doing this alone. God is with me in it and has a plan for it.

Single friends, don’t come into alignment with the lie that you are on an impossible journey. God knows what you need more than you do. And I believe He is working behind the scenes on your behalf, whatever the outcome. Don’t lose hope. Don’t compromise. There is no amount of loneliness that makes the compromise worth it. Trust me in this. Been there, tried that. God is IN THE WAITING WITH YOU.

And as I asked Him in my prayer time, ‘How do I partner with you in this, God? What am I supposed to be doing?’ His response was so clear: ‘You work on you. I’ll work on him.’

So I just want to encourage you all who are on this same journey, stay steady. Work on being the husband/wife you want your future spouse to be looking for. Then trust God with the rest.

And should that spouse never come, my response today is, ‘It’s still enough for me, Lord.’ God has already blessed me immeasurably. I am grateful for what I have. And it is more than enough for me.

Stay strong, friends.

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. – Romans 8:25 ”

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