‘I feel like my dad left me.’ She lost him to suicide. Molly and Sarah live 3 hours away. ‘Do you want to do a Bible study?’: Middle school kids come together to pray during quarantine

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“I want to share some good news with the world.

Yesterday, before going to sleep, my daughter Sarah was super excited to share that she wanted to do a Bible study. I asked her where she got the inspiration from since we always pray before going to sleep. She said it was thanks to Molly, who has been her good friend since she was born.

Molly was our neighbor back when we use to live in Farmers Branch. This sweet little girl shared with Sarah her Bible study experience and how wonderful God has been to her. She suggested doing the same thing. As a mom, it is a blessing to hear your kids talk about how wonderful God is and about their plans for helping others.

Molly inspired my daughter to feel more joyful about her life. It has been hard for her for the past four years, even though loved ones surround her. Sarah lost her dad due to suicide, and even though she now knows now the truth of how he did it, she feels that he left her. But I am glad that she has friends like Molly to positively guide her. Molly continues to communicate with Sarah, even though we are three hours away.

I’m pleased to know that two middle-school kids (Molly and Sarah) from totally different cultures are talking about God and bringing joy to others.

Our country has other amazing kids like them, and I’d love to hear more stories like this one. Thank you, Molly, for being a wonderful friend. I hope this will inspire someone.

Sarah’s Mom

As a mom, I was happy to know that my child is doing something positive in her life. She got this great idea from her good friend Molly. Her friend also uses TikTok in a positive way that I know will continue to motivate others like my daughter. I hope my daughter continues this throughout her life.

For Sarah, doing this was a new experience that she’s wanted to do. She would learn more about God and feel better about life in general. It also gve her something else to do during the quarantine!”

Courtesy of Amy Cook-Meeker

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