‘I put my Christmas tree up early this year. F─k it. Let’s face it, this year has been hard. Like, really hard.’: Woman urges ‘do what makes YOU feel good

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“I put my Christmas tree up early this year. F─k it.

Normally I wait until December. But this year? This year it went up November 1st.

It’s been hard. Like, really hard.

And I know you all know what I’m talking about. The big C. I need not even call it by its name.

Let’s face it.

I’ve been homeschooling three children.

While working from home.

While praying every single day my special frontline worker makes it home okay.

While mourning the loss of a family friend.

While worrying about my other vulnerable friends and family.

While washing my hands so much my skin has broken out in serious eczema.

While battling anxiety and depression.

While stressing about politics and injustice.

While watching cases spike across the country again.

While wondering each and every day, ‘When will it END?’

And I want nothing more than the glow of Christmas lights, the sweet smell of pine, the joy and mystery of thoughtfully wrapped gifts, the peace of holiday instrumentals backed by a fiery Yule log, the burn of a too-hot hot chocolate. I want it all.

I deserve this.

So this Thanksgiving? This Christmas? This however-long-this-thing-lasts? Do whatever makes YOU feel good.

Just make sure it isn’t at the cost of others’ safety.

Because we all want to go back to the magical moments of embracing our loved ones.

The beauty of an unmasked smile.

That scrumptious bite of our favorite restaurant meal.

The calm of security and good health for those we care about most.

And we will get there, my friends.

But for now, I’ll be waiting in the glow of those gracious red and green bulbs, humming All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, for the thousandth time.”

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