‘If Uncle Joe talks too much politics, don’t invite him. If sending your kids trick-or-treating will give you too much anxiety, stay home.’: Empath urges ‘give yourself permission to take care of yourself’

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“If you’re an empath, 2020 has just about sucked your soul dry. 

Sickness, death, oppression of the marginalized, and daily hatred spewing everywhere has left you in the corner over there in the fetal position. 

Oh, and we still have to get through a tumultuous election. 

The only thing that’s getting this empath through is setting up boundaries. Some may not like it, but we have to protect our souls from drying up completely. 

So, if you don’t feel like spending time with Uncle Joe because he’ll try to talk too much about politics or religion, don’t. 

If Aunt Suzy complains too much about life in general and is just a pessimistic person, don’t invite her. 

If sending your kids trick-or-treating will give you too much anxiety, stay home and have a fun night with the family. 

As empaths, we’re always looking out for others with not only our actions, but our feelings. We not only feel for others, but we feel WITH them. We simply can’t help but feel ALL OF THE THINGS—and this year, it’s proving to be too much. 

We must give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves. 

Say no. Spend time with those who lift you up or allow you to just be you. Go for a walk. Get off social media. Do what you need to do to protect yourself. 

Because that soul of yours? It’s important, too.” 

Courtesy of Angela Anagnost

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