‘I feel like a hot mess mom all the time. My children laugh in the face of danger, yours are gentle. While their house is tidy, I turn a blind eye to the bathroom.’: Mom reminds us ‘you’re doing the best you can’

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“I’ve been working really hard on not comparing myself to other moms.

I get frustrated when I feel like the hot-mess mom (all the time), but I also have to remind myself we’ve all got different things happening in our lives.

One mom may have children who sleep through the night, while yours wake multiple times.

One mom may be able to afford a house cleaner, while you turn a blind eye to the bathroom because the vacuuming can’t wait any longer.

One mom may have grandparents nearby to help, while yours may be far away.

One mom may have children who nap, while yours power on all day.

One mom may get daycare days to reclaim some sanity, while yours are with you 24/7.

One mom may have children of a gentle nature, while yours laughs in the face of danger.

I could go on and on.

So many different families, so many different personalities, and so many different lifestyles mean we really shouldn’t compare, judge, or criticize.

I’ve been reminding myself more and more each day that I’m simply doing the best I can, and that’s just going to have to be enough.

Remind yourself too.”

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