‘It’s the size of my thigh. I’m out of breath. I’ve ripped it!’ Mom’s HYSTERICAL attempt trying on too-tiny SPANX

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We can all relate to the glorious painful experience of trying to squeeze, hop, squat, lunge and sweat our way into shapewear. But NO ONE captures that hysterically horrifying experience quite like Laura, mom blogger from Knee Deep In Life, as she declares she’s going to have the “stomach of Jennifer Lopez.” Hey ladies, we’ve all got #goals, amiright?

Needless to say, the attempt is a complete disaster. Not even her kids are willing to come to her rescue.

If this doesn’t help get you through Hump Day, we don’t know what will. Enjoy.

When you believe you've just stumbled across the future, but actually all you've done is given yourself hemroids from straining so hard to get the fucker off. I shit you not, sweat pouring. My poor vagina bellybutton.Don't believe everything you see on Facebook. ITS A LIE.FUCK YOU EBAY.

Posted by Knee Deep In Life on Saturday, September 15, 2018

Laura admits she ordered them smaller than her size because she’d been told “the smaller the better.” Hmm… that doesn’t bode too well.

“It’s the size of my thigh,” she announces, after she perfectly slides it up just ONE of her legs. The fun is just beginning.

More hopping, more tugging, more panting — WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE.

“I’m out of breath,” she gasps before realizing, “Sh*t, I’ve ripped it!”

The Spanx are now stuck in a sausage-like tube around her belly. Oh boy. The entire internet agrees they’ve never laughed so hard in their lives.

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