‘I’ve been the mom whose card was declined at check out. But I survived it.’

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“I’ve been the mom whose card was declined at the check out, and had to embarrassingly put shopping back with a line full of people.

But I survived it.

I’ve been the mom whose child pushed another child where all eyes were on me like I was a disgusting human being.

But I survived it

I’ve been the mom who has sat in her car eating junk to shield my emotions.

But I survived.

I’ve been the mom sitting at the doctors waiting for antidepressants, ready to tell the doctor I had failed because I thought I had.

And I survived it.

I’ve been the woman knocked down by people I’ve loved the most, hurt by them so deep.

But I survived.

I’ve been the mom who’s sobbed heavily, who’s yelled, who felt like quitting and closed herself in the bathroom with her hand on her chest feeling like the world is going to end.

But I survived.

And I’m not a super hero, I’m not always resilient but in the darkest days, I know. I just know I can survive. Because I don’t quit, I won’t quit. Because quitting means stopping, and I can’t stop. I won’t.

And there were days I wanted to throw in the towel, days I had nothing left as person to give.

Days I judged myself against those perfect mothers who had their stuff together, the ones on Facebook or the model children on Instagram, wishing to be like them. To be perfect like them.

But I picked myself up. I did it because my family is worth it, because I am worth it.

Sure, there are bad moments, there will always be bad, crappy moments, but they’re just that. Moments… but bad moments are not bad mothers.

So on days you want to quit, don’t. On days where motherhood beats the crap out of you, don’t. On days where you feel like the worst mother in the world even though you are not even close, don’t…because I promise you, you WILL survive it.”

Mother who says motherhood takes it out of her takes selfie while she holds bucket for child to throw up in
Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run

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