‘The lady looked at me in disbelief. ‘No one does things like this anymore.’ On the brink of tears, we embraced in a warm hug.’: Woman spreads kindness during pandemic, ‘Don’t let greed take away your hearts’

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“Yesterday was an experience I will never forget. I was not going to share, but with all the negativity going on… kindness truly does matter!

Our three toddlers were asking why people kept coming up to our doorstep on Sunday. I explained, ‘There is a bad virus that can make us all really sick, so we need to do what we can to keep distance but help each other!’

I shared on Facebook that I would be putting some toiletries and paper towels out for people who needed these items. Our children are 4, 3, and 2, and I felt I needed to show them more. We knew we had to help someone. We put together two baskets of food and supplies.

Courtesy of Heather F.

Yesterday afternoon, I went with a friend, who I love dearly and was so happy to share this moment with, to our local fire department to donate. They told us to try the food pantry in town, but they ended up being closed. Instead, we put our heads together and said, ‘Let’s go to Market Basket in town!’ (Our local supermarket.) We went and gave the first box to a nice family who we saw loading their belongings into their truck. The gentlemen were so happy! It was beautiful.

We were about to leave when we saw this family loading their groceries. Their backs were to us. We pulled up, I got out of the car, and put the basket in their carriage. The lady looked at me and couldn’t believe it! She said, ‘No one does things like this anymore. It’s unheard of.’ She was on the brink of tears as we embraced in a hug. This hurt my heart. We always need to show kindness and love.

As soon as I said there was peanut butter, her son started dancing with excitement! (That is a moment I will keep in my heart forever.) She said, ‘My son has been wanting peanut butter! We weren’t able to find any!’ We hugged and he told me, ‘This is the best day ever!’ he cried.

Courtesy of Heather F.
Courtesy of Heather F.

After that moment, everything going on around me, all the fear of the unknown, fled from my mind. I felt kindness, love, and joy. I embraced it. We as humans need to protect ourselves, but also remember compassion truly goes a long way. God knew those people would be there, and He wanted us to help them. Remember that.

Don’t let greed take away your hearts.”

Courtesy of Heather F.

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