Mom Praises Children’s ‘Bonus Mom’ After She Drops Off ‘Sick Kit’ For The Family

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“There is nothing easy about ending a relationship, especially when there are children involved. If your ex decides to remarry or begin a new relationship, finding yourself immediately a part of a blended family can be challenging. It’s not easy having someone new in your child’s life, spending time with them and eventually becoming a parental figure. But it can work — and one mom wants the world to know just how amazing her child’s ‘bonus mom’ is.

‘My daughters bonus mom is better than yours!!! She needs some praise!’ Kathryn Russell wrote on Facebook. “The whole house has either strep or the flu… whole house is dark and unlively and I get a text… hey I dropped y’all some stuff off at the door….. what do I find… the complete household sick kit at the door!!!”

My daughters bonus mom is better than yours!!! She needs some praise! The whole house has either strep or the flu……

Posted by Kathryn Russell on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

On her front step was a whole bunch of groceries and drinks to stay hydrated. If you’ve ever had the flu or strep, you know the absolute last thing you have the energy to do is leave your bed to go shopping. When you’re sick and your kids are sick, it’s even worse. Having someone drop off supplies would be a lifesaver — when that person is married to your ex-husband, it’s even more incredible.

Co-parenting isn’t easy. It can be hard enough agreeing on parenting styles when you’re married, so making it work in two different homes with others involved after a divorce is even more difficult. If you’re lucky enough to have all parties committed to doing what’s best in the interest of shared children, it can work, as Russell points out.

Understanding the dynamics of a blended family can be challenging, but know when you see it working successfully like this, all parties have all worked extremely hard to get to that point. There have been struggles, bitten tongues, and arguments over the years, but the collective job is to raise happy, thoughtful, well-adjusted kids. End of story.

In many ways, co-parenting is the same as parenting — just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, things will inevitably transform. Kids get older, what they need from us changes. Our relationships evolve and change. It can be hard to stay on the same page but that consistency is what kids need. It’s not ideal to communicate with your ex all the time (nor is it ideal for their partners), but understanding it’s what keeps the collective family moving forward in a positive way is everything.

‘Y’all this is how you uplift women. She knew it was rough over here and just made things a little easier and better. Thank you girl!!! From one mommy and woman to another… thank you!!!’ Russell wrote. This is how it should be.

To get through it all, every single person involved has to make an effort. Your village may look different than you’d originally imagined, but if you put your child first, it can work. This is a perfect example.”

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