‘One day all the dances, flower girl practice, and dressing up leads you to a white dress with an aisle to walk down.’: Mom shares importance of cherishing every moment with your kids

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“The first home she ever knew was right inside my belly. The first smile she ever had? She was looking at me. The firsts make you think. Especially, of all the lasts that are bound to follow.

Of all the things you’ll never know, and of all the things you will.

The preschool drop-off, the first one ever, is the first step in preparing you for that long ride to college, when it could be your last ever drop-off to school.

That first bully battle, when you told that mom her son really should say sorry for being rude, was the first of the finite amount of battles you won’t be there to answer for them.

The tantrums ending with hugs for closure and kisses for healing will evolve through heartbreak and turmoil that you will never even hear about in her teenage years.

Then one day all the dances, flower girl practice, and dressing up leads you to a white dress with an aisle to walk down. You’ll be dropping her off in the arms of a man she’ll call home.

We know as parents the firsts are important, and even though a first is a first, some of those firsts will also be lasts.

So what you’ll want to make sure is that you’re there for just as many lasts as you ever were for their official firsts.

And always remember, even when you’re not sure about any of it at all…

It will always be you they loved first.”

mother on her wedding day stands with her daughter
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