I Want The Kind Of Marriage That Makes My Kids Want To Get Married

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“We were getting our taxes done when the lady said, ‘You don’t see many people who have kids and are married much these days.’

Then it hit me, she’s right. It is so rare to see people with kids who are married.

While I’m not shaming those who have kids without being married, because it is just how society is nowadays, I am glad I got married before children.

We built a foundation before having children and it was probably the best thing we could have done, for us and our kids. While we weren’t married long before trying, it was all planned.

Husband and wife take family pictures with their baby boy.
Courtesy of Kyleen Joan

Our kids will grow up knowing their parents love each other.

Our kids will grow up with the same last name as their mom and dad.

‘You don’t see many people who have kids and are married much these days.’ I am glad I got married before children. Our kids will grow up watching what love is like between a husband and wife and what it should look like.

Being married and having kids makes our marriage stronger each day and we need to be role models.

I want the kind of marriage that makes my kids want to get married.

Your children are learning what marriage should look like by watching you. Treat your spouse the way you would want your kids’ future spouse to treat them someday.”

Husband and wife walking in a field of pine trees, hands interlocked as they smile lovingly at each other.
Courtesy of Kyleen Joan

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