‘Some days I still feel anxious. Irritable. Sad. Yet, I’m grounded. I haven’t lost my footing.’: Woman shares how antidepressants have boosted her mental health

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“I’ve been taking a low-dose antidepressant for nine months. Those are words I never thought I would write. I used to think that kind of medication was only for people who couldn’t get out of bed. I thought it was a band-aid that wrongly masked a wound needing tending. I thought medication made people falsely happy or just numb. I was wrong.⁣

My therapist told me the point of an antidepressant wasn’t to make me stop feeling. ‘Your feelings are good. How God wired you is good. Your highs and lows are just outta whack and the right medication might help slightly lessen the distance between the peaks and valleys.’

She was right. And I’m so deeply grateful to feel like I’ve found my footing again.⁣

Some days I still feel anxious. Irritable. Sad. Yet, I’m grounded. I haven’t lost my footing. And I’m learning to listen to those uncomfortable feelings. Give them space to breathe. Be.⁣

And as I do, I give thanks for modern medicine and a caring therapist and doctor who have helped me choose a variety of support tools that are right for me.⁣

If you are hurting, hiding, or lost today. If your mind won’t stop racing or your sadness doesn’t match your circumstances. If you can’t get that brick off your chest or catch your breath — maybe it’s time to get some help.⁣

You are not alone, friend. Reach out. You are worthy of care. And however awkward or hard it is to ask for help, it’s worth it to start feeling better.⁣”

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Courtesy of Becky Keife

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