‘You can miss who you used to be and STILL be a great, loving mom.’: Mom realizes she’s not a different person, but a better version of herself

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“I sometimes miss who I was before I became a mom.

I miss being able to go to bed when I wanted and wake up when I wanted to.

I miss date nights with my husband, where it’s just him and I.

I miss eating hot meals and drinking hot coffee.

I miss being able to take long bubble baths and drink delicious wine.

I miss being intimate with my husband, because let’s face it… its rare to be intimate when you become parents.

I miss being able to listen to loud music in my car.

But then it hit me. Even though I miss all those things, there is NOTHING I wanted more in the world than to be a mom. I’m not a different person; I’m the same person and a better version of myself.

I don’t miss the OLD ME… I miss the things I used to do before being a mom.

I LOVE being a mom and watching my husband be a dad.

I LOVE watching our son grow and achieve milestones.

I LOVE being a mom and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You can miss who you used to be and STILL be a great and loving mom.

Don’t let society mom shame you.

Don’t let society tell you how you should feel.

Don’t let society say you’re a failure as a mom because you SOMETIMES miss the old you.”

Young mom holds her baby boy, snuggled up in a warm blanket, outside in front of snow covered pine trees.
Courtesy of Kyleen Joan

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