‘My little brother has a crush on this girl’: Big bro’s hilarious wingman story to help his sibling score a second date

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“My brother and I are very close. So much so that if he puts a sad face in his WhatsApp status, I walk to his room to ask if he’s okay.

Big brother who helps little brother get a date holds him when they were little
Kingsley Morgan

My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner. He is 16, and this was his first date and first time inviting a girl over.

Big brother has arm around little brother while pinching his cheek
Kingsley Morgan

I’m the chef and I’m excited! Apparently her favorite dish is curried chicken and white rice. I’m making Coconut-Curried Chicken and Lemongrass White Rice. I’m going in for my lil bro!

I can’t plate food to save my life! But hey, I had to try today. Table is set!

Older brother sets table for dinner for little brother and date
Kingsley Morgan

I’m trying get a pic/video but they’re eyeing me…


Little brother sitting on bench with date
Kingsley Morgan

She loved the food! She said it’s the best curried chicken she ever had. Then she asked who came up with the idea to put lemongrass in rice? I said Keneil (my lil bro) did it one day and we liked it.

Plate of food older brother made for little brother and his date
Kingsley Morgan

They sat in the living room after dinner and talked for a bit. They got close at one point and I saw him lean in… for a hug. Bruh, I swore he was going for the kiss. Anyways, he asked me to take her home. He opened the door for her (just like I taught him) and they giggled in the back all the way to her house. When we got back home he sighed, looked at me and said, ‘yaw mi G enuh,’ which means ‘you’re my general,’ a term of endearment in Jamaica mostly used from one male to another.

There will be followup dates! My brother is my best man and I’m his!”

Older and younger brother who are each others wing men stand arm in arm smiling
Kingsley Morgan

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