10 things every postpartum mama should know

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This new mom has cleverly outlined an all-too-familiar tale. Here are the top 10 things she hopes every postpartum mama should know:

1. You don’t need to pack away the maternity clothes right away, just like you don’t need to bring out your pre-pregnancy clothes until you feel ready. Stretchy panel jeans are more comfortable than buttons anyway.

2. When someone comes over to hold the baby and let you nap, don’t turn it down.

3. Breastfeeding is hard. It takes SO. MUCH. TIME to feel like you’re getting it right. It’s okay not to love it. And it’s okay to move on if it’s not working out.

4. It’s okay to forget when you showered last or heck, choose sleep OVER showering. Let’s just agree that hot mess mom hair is the new trend.

5. It’s okay to ignore advice. You’re the mom – you do what works best for you, no matter what any person, book or Google tells you. (it’s also okay to smile and nod if you just don’t feel like talking about it)

6. Your kids might ask why your tummy is still big. Heck, strangers may even mention it. It took nine months to stretch that skin – give it time. You are not a rubber band.

7. It’s okay if your clean laundry never makes it out of the laundry basket. As long as everyone is wearing clothes in public and no one has run out of underwear, you are doing just fine.

8. It’s okay if you feed your other kids mac and cheese for three days in a row because the newborn has decided that dinnertime is the witching hour. This too shall pass.

9. The fourth trimester isn’t just for babies – it’s for you too, mama. Sleep. Snuggle. Heal. And it’s okay to not feel guilty about wanting a hot shower without a nursing baby attached to you.

10. It’s okay to want your pre-pregnancy body back, but give yourself grace. Your body literally created a human from scratch. It deserves a little time to celebrate that accomplishment.

The bottom line is it’s okay not to be OK. It’s OK to need time. Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. You’ve done doing great, mama, it’s OK.

Woman who struggled with postpartum depression holds son in her arm with belly showing
Sarah Matthews
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