adoptive parents with their twins holding hands

‘The phone rang. ‘Would you be comfortable creating portraits of an unusual family?’: Stunning photos of LGBT, transracial family prove ‘beautiful families are bound by love, not DNA’

“She explained, ‘We are a lesbian couple with adopted African American twins. Sadly, the times make it hard for many people like us to feel comfortable going to anyone for things like this. There is a lot of judgment in the world and I had to tell you about our family dynamics to make sure we would be safe with you.'”

‘My mom always washed the dishes. My dad always dried them. No matter if he worked 16 hours that day or not.’: Daughter to 41-year-old marriage urges ‘consistency’ is key to lasting love

“I’m sure there were days they were mad at each other, annoyed, stressed, or tired from a long day at work…but they still washed/dried the dishes together. As a kid, I didn’t think much about it. But as a 33-year-old standing in the kitchen I grew up in, that small gesture looked completely different.”

‘I felt in my heart Tewabe and I had a serious connection, but my brain kept telling me this was too crazy, too different, to make it work.’: Woman shares beautiful international, multicultural love story

“Dogs in rural Ethiopia can be quite aggressive. Tewabe gently pulled me to his side. ‘I don’t want the dog to get you because I love you.’ I was shocked. He did not completely realize the cultural significance of his words. Yet I was living in an alternate reality at that moment, so I said it back: ‘I love you too.'”