‘My innocent son was already born a stereotype. He has to fight to prove his worth, because of his skin.’: Mom and son run in honor of Ahmaud Arbery, ‘Don’t turn a blind eye’

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“Today I ran.

The rain was pouring, the wind raging, but today I ran.

Today I cried, heavy tears mixed with raindrops.

Today I ran with a hurt more powerful than the wind.

Images, questions, and pain brewing like a tornado.

I am confused, and angry.

Today I ran with my 9-year-old son, who has no clue how cruel this world can be.

Today I ran because Ahmaud’s last moments trying to fight for his life, where he was probably terrified and confused, are etched in my mind.

Today I ran because Ahmaud’s mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, saw her son come into this world — and watched him be brutally taken out.

Today I ran because Ahmaud should be celebrating his 26th birthday.

Today I ran because I’m outraged it has taken over two months for them to finally be charged the day before his birthday.

Today I ran because I’m sick to my stomach thinking they could still walk.

Today I ran because on February 7th, 2011, my innocent son was already born a stereotype.

Today I ran and mourned for the families of all who’ve lost their loved ones due to these senseless crimes.

Today I ran hard letting the cold rain hit my face willing myself to feel every bit of it.

Today I ran with a somber realization, my son will have to fight harder to prove his motives, innocence, worth, and intelligence, all because of the color of his skin.

Today I ran with an ache in my soul knowing one day I will have to explain all this to my compassionate and loving son. Something I will have to explain to all my children.

Today I ran as I thought of the coworkers who hugged me at work or commented saying four profound words. ‘I STAND WITH YOU.’

Today I ran because I am furious with the posts saying, ‘Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.’ Had the roles been reversed, there would’ve been no doubt it was a horrendous murder.

Today I ran for: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Oscar Grant, Johnathan Ferrell, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Akai Gurley, Tanisha Anderson, Eric Garner, Botham Jean, and Ahmaud Arbery.

Today I ran sadly, for all those who haven’t even been shared or made headlines.

Today I ran because unfortunately there will be more Ahmauds.

Today I ran because I hope those with privilege see this and accept that it is real. Don’t turn a blind eye, and speak up. STAND WITH US, but whatever you do, don’t stay sitting.

Today I ran. Because on February 23rd, 2020 Ahmaud had his last run.”

Courtesy of Jasmine Martin

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