‘Today my 80-year-old in-laws drove by to sing to me. ‘We know this isn’t the birthday you imagined, but we wanted a chance to see to you in person.’: Woman says ‘the power of human connection’ is stronger than ever

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“Today is my birthday.

Let me tell you, this is a weird time to have a birthday. Part of me is excited — yay, it’s my big day. But part of me feels selfish for wanting a day to be all about me. There are much more pressing issues at hand right now.

I feel guilty for wanting more.

I miss the pleasures I used to have access to: an impromptu visit to the nail salon, a Starbucks birthday drink, a dinner out with family. And I recognize more than I ever have in my life what a life of privilege I live. Not just before, but now too. Perhaps now more than ever. I am home. I have food. I have family. I HAVE HEALTH.

And do you know the nice part about a birthday during crisis? Loved ones still ‘show up.’ It might not be physically, but they are still there. I got more Facebook wishes than ever this year. More texts too, even from people I normally wouldn’t have seen or texted with otherwise. My in-laws (both over 80 years old) drove by to sing to me from six feet away.

They told me, ‘We know this probably isn’t the birthday you imagined, but we wanted a chance to sing to you in person— it’s the best we can do right now.’

Things are different right now but human connection is still here, despite social distancing. People still want to connect. We are all still here, and it’s in our nature to want to see and be seen. See me, and let me see you.

As I reflected today, I wished for an end to the pandemic. I wished for the sick to heal. For the curve to flatten. But the power of human connection? That feels stronger than ever. And it makes this birthday girl very, very grateful.”

Courtesy of Celeste Yvonne

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