40 Signs You’ve Met ‘The One’

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“Wait for someone kind. Someone with a big heart that shows in their words, actions, and the way they treat you with the purest intentions. Someone kind will be considerate and respectful of you even when things aren’t going well between the two of you.

Wait for someone who talks fondly of their family and friends because they are the people who they chose to surround themselves with. Someone who adores the women close to them like their mother, sister, cousins, or aunties and does not talk bad about them because how he treats them reflects how he’ll treat you in the future.

Wait for someone who absolutely adores you. Someone who likes your little quirks: the way you smile or the sound of your laugh, your silliest and corniest jokes, how you cry during a sad movie scene, or how you squeal when you see a puppy. Someone who is in love with your mind. Someone who finds you beautiful even in your most natural state.

Wait for someone respectful, not only in the beginning stages of the relationship when things are bright and beautiful, but also when you’re having an argument and you don’t see eye to eye on certain things. Someone who does not insult you or give backhanded comments. Someone who respects your boundaries and does not force you to do things you’re not willing or ready to do.

Wait for someone who’s giving and does not keep count of the good things they do for you.

Wait for someone who challenges you mentally. Someone who inspires you to be a better person. Someone who you can have fun conversations with but also delve into deeper topics in life.

Wait for someone who takes their time to learn and understand you.

Wait for someone who is consistent with their efforts in showing you how much they care about you.

Wait for someone who wants to be part of your world — your social circle and family — and you to theirs.

Wait for someone who sends you good morning and goodnight texts and checks in on you during the day. Someone who lets you know you’re on their mind even during the busy hours at work because they want to be sure everything is going well with you.

Wait for someone who makes you laugh. Life is too serious enough already to be spent with someone who’s always so serious about everything. So, wait for someone who you can laugh with.

Wait for someone who stays even when things are hard, and your anxiety is making it ten times harder, but they’d rather stick through it with you than leave you to battle your demons alone.

Wait for someone who is willing to commit to you rather than spend his days keeping his options open because he’d rather be with you than anyone else.

Wait for someone who makes you feel that it’s so easy to love.

Wait for someone sincere. Someone who doesn’t confuse you because they show it in their actions.

Wait for someone honest.

Wait for someone who plans a future with you.

Wait for someone who does their absolute best to not hurt you because seeing you sad would break their heart.

Wait for someone who is a gentleman. Someone who opens car doors for you or helps you carry things when he sees it’s heavy. Someone who proves to you that chivalry isn’t dead.

Wait for someone faithful. Someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a competition with other girls.

Wait for someone who will choose you over and over and over again. Someone who will want to wake up with you every day. Someone who, even when things are going tough, will stay.

Wait for someone who embraces your flaws, your scars, your past, and wouldn’t want to change a thing about you because those are what made you who you are.

Wait for someone who’s not perfect but is perfect for you.

Wait for someone who wholeheartedly loves you and shows you how much he cares about you every single day because forever is a long time to be spent with someone who loves you any less.”

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