‘We buy supplies. We prepare for gunmen. We spend nights and weekends away from family to make your children feel supported.’: Teacher urges ‘give us a minute’ among school reopening crisis

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“Give us a minute.

I spent today removing my personal belongings from my classroom. I’m not alone. This is being required in many districts right now.


Nothing but desks and chairs remained.
I left my empty classroom and cried all the way home.

Give us a minute.

Before you say parents need to be able to work, parents need a plan, parents aren’t teachers… remember, most parents aren’t teachers, but most teachers ARE parents. We want what’s best for your kids and OUR kids, too. We are in this together.

Give us a minute.

Before you spew your negative personal experience with virtual learning from the spring, think. Do you have any idea how hard we worked to make it the best it could possibly be? Do you have any idea how it feels to read your words?

Give us a minute.

Before you rattle off your ideas about what will work in the fall, understand. For every idea you have, we know a student and a family who needs something different. What works well in your house for your children is not necessarily the solution for all.

Give us a minute.

Teachers are not supposed to be working right now.
But we are.
As always.

There has never been a time before, when we weren’t ready to make it okay.
We use nights and weekends away from our families to make sure your children feel supported.
We go to sporting events and plays. We buy girl scout cookies and boy scout wreaths.
We buy supplies.
We buy food.
We visit homes. And hospitals.
We prepare for gunmen.
We do whatever it takes. Every single time.

But right now, we’re scared.
We are scared to death.
We are not sleeping. We are sick with worry.
We want to do what is right for our kids, and yours, because we consider them ours, too.

Give us a minute. Please.”

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