‘When the house is quiet. When the laundry units are empty and there are no crumbs left to clean, no fights to break up. What will it be like?’: Mom urges ‘we get one shot at this, let’s not miss’

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“What will it be like when the kids are gone?

Off to college.

On adventures.

With new journey partners.

What will it be like when

the house is quiet,

there are no crumbs to clean,

no fights to break up,

no corrections to be given,

no long-winded story to listen to or twirl to watch for the umpteenth time?

What will it be like when

the laundry units are empty,

the fridge and pantry are rarely raided,

the phone’s barely ringing,

and nobody’s knocking at the door?

What will it be like

when I can shower without hearing phantom cries, whining, or incessant fighting?

When I get to choose the TV show and the songs that play on the radio?

What will it be like when rowdy family road trips turn to trips for two minus a few?

What will it be like when the kids are gone?

It won’t be like this.

It won’t be like now.

And so I’ve got to sop up these precious, never-to-be-had again loud moments with my three precious, never-to-be-this-age-or-this-loud again youngsters, and delight in the purpose and loudly-delivered joy they bring me, without even trying.

You know who is trying, though?


I’m trying to stay present and mindful of what an incredible blessing it is to be a parent even though it’s also incredibly exhausting.

Mamas…we get one shot at this—let’s not miss.”

Mom smiles down at her three kids while posing for a photo on vacation in front of a fountain
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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