‘Kids can be so mean. Schools are breeding grounds for cliques. Teach them to be inclusive. Teach them not to judge, not to bully.’: Mom urges other parents to ‘teach your children to be nice’

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“Hey parents, please teach your children to be nice.

That nice is the new cool. That nice is on fleek. That nice is the most bomb thing a person can be. And then teach them other words to replace ‘bomb’ and ‘fleek.’

While it’s all well and good that we’re coaching our kids how to load the dishwasher, take the trash out, fold their own laundry and clean up after themselves, I feel like there’s a good portion of us (myself included) that miss the mark when it comes to teaching them the undeniable power of unconditional kindness. And then, going a step further, and modeling for them how one can consistently exemplify compassion, to those they know – and to strangers.

Our kids’ teachers have got the math, reading, science, arts, and writing covered. And, Lord knows they steadily make up for any and all of the parenting mistakes we are making at home by modifying our kids’ less than stellar behavior when they see it at school.

But, my goodness, what a ginormous favor we can do those educators, our kids, our kids’ friends, our friends’ kids, and the world if we teach our children to be nice.

My children are little, but even at such a young age, kids can be so mean to one another.

High schools, middle schools, and, kind of surprisingly, even elementary schools are breeding grounds for cliques.

Let’s teach them to be inclusive.

Let’s teach them not to judge and not to bully.

Let’s teach them that all that juvenile crap isn’t cool.

Let’s encourage them to spread warmth and goodwill instead of rumors.

Let’s talk to them about offering grace to others.

Let’s instruct them to stay composed and friendly even when grace is not offered to them.

Let’s raise our kids to devalue looking good and promote doing good.

Hey parents, please teach your children to be nice, and I promise you, I’ll do the same.

And, if we both hold up our end of the bargain, bargaining is precisely what we won’t have to do to ensure our children are kind-hearted humans as they will be intrinsically-driven to be such.”

Nicole Merritt of Jthreenme

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