‘When your photographer don’t PLAY! She wasn’t missing THAT shot.’: Photographer pushes stepmom out of the way for interrupting the perfect first kiss photo

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“My name is Lorna Gantt I’m 24 years old. I got married on September 8th, 2018, at a beautiful barn venue located in Junction City, Kentucky. I hired Ashley Easterling as my photographer for our wedding. She was referred through a good friend of mine I work with. The day of the wedding the ceremony was originally held outside of the barn venue (that’s where we started). We began the ceremony and quickly had to run inside the barn due to the weather. The rain just poured, I was so upset because we got rained on. As we finished our ceremony inside the barn everyone was standing around us because all the chairs were outside. I was so focused on our first kiss I never even noticed my stepmother stepping in front of Ashley’s camera, nor did I see the little shove that Ashley gave her (watch till the end).

As the reception was going on a couple of my guests, maid of honor and bridesmaids notified me about the incident that happened. Ashley also pulled me to the side and told me about it. She kept apologizing to me thinking I was going to be upset about all of this. She said she did capture the picture, thank goodness. I looked at her and said, ‘You are fine, you are here to do a job that my husband and I paid you to do. I’m not mad at you.’

The next day my matron of honor Kimberly Hensley uploaded the video that her husband Trenton recorded. I shared it to my page and sat down to watch the whole thing and immediately shouted to my husband, ‘Kim and Trenton captured Ashley shoving my stepmom during our first kiss!’ We laughed about it. The next day the video had A LOT of views. I called my father and stepmom and told them about the video. My stepmother told me she was very angry at Ashley the time of when all of this occurred, but when I told her the video had around 30,000 views, she and my father laughed about it all.

Bride and groom sit at table of wedding reception with daughter and bride's stepdaughter
Courtesy Lorna Gantt

I applaud Ashley for doing what it took to capture my special moment. I got rained on and felt like everything was falling apart the day of the wedding, but she made sure to go above and beyond to do whatever she had to do to make sure I got the pictures we paid for. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Bride and groom share first kiss at altar
Ashley Easterling Photography

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