‘I’m choosing to let my hair go. I’m waiting for my stylist for however long the shutdown goes on. It’s tough out there right now.’: Woman advocates for hair stylists, ‘Don’t forget about them’

“Do you see those roots? It’s hard to miss as those canceled hair appointments start to pile up. That person right behind me? That’s Jessica, my hairstylist and salon owner, who is going above and beyond to drop off products to help me feel better about myself during these uncertain times. If you’re reading this, can we make a pact? If I can go on television with my ‘naturally blonde’ hair looking anything but natural, then you too can go without a trip to the salon. I’m choosing to let my hair go… waiting for my stylist for however long the coronavirus shutdown goes on.

Courtesy Stacey Skrysak

I know, I know. First world problems. But here’s the thing — those hair salons, spas, and nail salons are non-essential and that means they are no longer open. So many people are out of work, those who rely on their steady clients, and steady tips to survive.

Courtesy Stacey Skrysak

It’s tough out there right now. With millions of people out of work and so many businesses temporarily closed, stress and anxiety are on the forefront. But I’m doing what I can to support my favorite companies, and that means staying loyal to that smiling face social distancing behind me. Maybe it’s buying a gift card to support the business in the future or in my case, buying hair products to keep the grey (and dark!) roots away.

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes at me. There are many more important things to worry about. But you know what? So many women and men look forward to the time they can pamper themselves. In the rat race of life, getting an hour or two away from the chaos of kids or work is a godsend. And feeling good about ourselves gives us the confidence we need in life. Now more than ever.

So the emails may start coming in, making fun of how I look. But I don’t care. I’m ‘rooting’ for my friends in the hair and spa industry. Don’t forget about your stylist. When the salon doors once again open, I hope the phones will be ringing off the hook. Because these amazing people need us to show up, just as much as we need them to make us feel good.”

Courtesy Stacey Skrysak

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