‘I frantically searched the restroom of the store, including the trash, taking one paper towel out at a time.’: Woman reunited with lost family heirloom thanks to honest employee

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“Two days after Christmas, my mother gave me a ring that was my grandmother’s. I was gratefully teary upon receiving it, knowing my mother was giving it specifically to me, trusting me with a special heirloom. I immediately put it on.

That day we were scheduled to do some shopping for an upcoming semi-formal event for my oldest daughter. We drove into town, stopping at a couple of stores before arriving at the mall. We had been there for nearly an hour when I looked down and the ring was gone. Panic began to set in.

I retraced my steps all the way back to the parking lot, where I crawled around on my hands and knees, furiously searching the asphalt around our parking space… nothing. I dumped out my purse… nothing.

Thinking back, I remembered taking the ring off to lotion my hands, but I didn’t recall whether I had put the ring back on or not.

I called one of the stores we had visited and asked the young girl if she would be able to check their parking lot, telling her exactly where we parked and describing the ring. She said she would call me back.

While I awaited her call, I frantically searched the restroom of the store we had been in, including the trash, taking one paper towel out at a time and shaking each piece, in case it had come off when wiping my hands dry.

I felt like this could be the same feelings of the woman in Luke 15, searching for her lost coin! The girl called me back within a few minutes. I was honestly surprised to get a call back at all. She found it!

I cried. No, I sobbed in her ear.

BLESS this kind girl for tolerating my inconvenient request and for being honest enough to return my grandmother’s ring.

So now, like in Luke 15:9, ‘She calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; for I have found my lost coin’…or ring.”

close up of a woman's hand held in front of her while wearing a family heirloom ring
Courtesy of Katie McKinney

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