‘You know that mom you’re judging because her kid has no shoes on at Target? Yeah, that’s me.’

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“Hi. You know that mom you’re judging because her kid has no shoes or socks on at the store?

Yeah, that’s me.

Listen, I know you are super concerned about my child… I mean someone has to, right? But I got it covered. I see you pulling out that hard judgement card, but I’m going to need you to go ahead and stick that back into your pocket. Actually, just rip it up and throw it in the trash because you shouldn’t have it anyway.

I’m aware his feet are bare. I’m aware it might be a little chilly out (or maybe it’s warm, I still get the same looks) I’m fully aware his poor little toes may of gotten a tad bit chilly on the walk from the car to the store. How. Dare. I.

Here’s the thing… in the midst of your judgement on my parenting I’ve become extremely tired of picking up his socks from the floor. I’ve become extremely tired of realizing a shoe is missing and retracing my steps through Target to find it. I’ve become extremely tired of grabbing something off a shelf and having a shoe fly right by my face. I use to try to make him be fully dressed head to toe while we made our trips to the store, and chances are his socks are tucked safely in my diaper bag because I tried to put them on and he took them right back off. But my patience is low with silly things so I probably already gave up.

He hates things touching his feet, but do we blame him? Socks and shoes are just little sweaty feet prisons, screw them. And I’m in no position to pick this small battle with a 2 year old.

So I thank you, I thank you so much for your concern, but I got it. His feet are bare, but he is fine. He’s happy and I have some of my sanity in tact. So excuse me while I go grab the laundry soap I came here for and 738,291 other things I don’t need.”

Child sitting in Target shopping cart without shoes on
Ashley Moore

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