‘You’re beautiful.’ I said it before telling you you’re smart and you’re kind. I said it before telling you how great you are at everything.’: Mom shares sweet letter to daughters about self-love

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“You’re beautiful. Yep, I said it. I said it before telling you you’re smart and you’re kind. I said it before telling you how great you are at gymnastics, at dance, at piano and at tennis. I’m telling you before I tell you I love how big your heart is and before I tell you you can be anything you want to be.

Why? Because to me, beauty is more than what I see on the outside. To me, beauty encompasses all I said above and more. You are beautiful because I truly see your beauty.

I don’t see it by knowing you for 30 minutes or a few times here and there. I see your beauty because I’ve seen it from the moment you learned to sit up. From the moment you recognized others in the room and I’ve seen it blossom every single day.

You are beautiful because you’re unique. You’re a different size, shape and personality than the rest of them. You are always kind and empathetic in your own way. You love to see others smile and you beautiful heart is infectious.

So yeah, I know I’m supposed to remind you of your inner strength, your intelligence and your voice, I know I’m supposed to remind you you are capable of all the hard things.

I know I’m supposed to tell you you will fall but you will also get back up. I’m supposed to tell you you are not supposed to worry about what others think.

And yeah, all of that. But also I’m here to tell you: You are beautiful. It’s okay to love yourself and it’s okay to tell yourself that, too. Because you are. And the beautiful human you are is far greater than most people will ever get the chance to see.”

Twin daughters cuddle their newborn baby sister in newborn photoshoot
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