My Washing Machine Stopped Working, And I’ve Never Felt So Seen

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“Our washing machine is about 11 years old and is certainly starting to show her age…and maybe wisdom.

She’s temperamental. Some days, she pulls all of the soap from the dispenser, other days she pulls none of the soap, and I have to rewash everything.

Sometimes, she doesn’t drain.

Have you ever opened a front-loader that hasn’t fully drained? Yikes.

My husband has dutifully taken her apart, cleaned her, and even replaced a few parts. (I’m sure none of this has to do with the giant ball of weed whacker string we found stuck in the pump last year.)

Lately, though she’s started something new. Some days, she can’t handle her load. Apparently, when things are too heavy, or lop-sided, she sounds an alarm and simply cannot go on anymore. She just has to stop. No matter where she is in the process, she simply lays it all down at once.

‘I’m done!’ she beeps.

She clearly needs a break. Whatever is going on in there is simply too much. She needs to be reset, adjusted, and restarted. Maybe even restored.

When there’s too much all at once my washing machine says, ‘F 20,’ and quite honestly, I’ve never felt so seen. I don’t think I’ve ever connected so precisely with a major appliance.

It’s as though my washing machine is saying ‘f—k this s—t,’ and I don’t disagree with her for an instant. (It really is the perfect expression sometimes)

It doesn’t matter that her stopping is an inconvenience to me. It doesn’t matter that I silently mumble a few choice words of my own while I have to stretch behind these giant boxes to unplug her—I give it a minute before I plug it back in and restart.

She needs the break. So, she takes it. No matter how people around her feel about it.

I hear ya, sister. I. Hear. You.

Despite the minor adjustment I must make, it always works out. She stops, I adjust her, she resets and starts over. Carrying on to do a beautiful job. I’m not so sure we’d have the same outcome if she didn’t yell ‘F 20’ every once in a while.

Right now, my washing machine is embodying the strength and determination of all of the bada** women and young girls I know and love.

So, if you need an F 20, take it. You can always rest and start over. Always.

Hang in there y’all. Xo”

washing machine showing F 20
Courtesy of Melanie Forstall

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