‘I blurted, ‘I’m already ready for school to start!’ I’d forgotten how to act normal in public.’ Without hope I’m lost.’: Mom says of extended summer, ‘I’ve had plenty, thanks’

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“Back in May, our school had a book drop-off day to return the materials we used while home. I pulled into the section for second grade and pulled right up to our school principal.

I rolled my window down and waved excitedly, ‘I’m already ready for school to start!’ I loudly blurted out to her. By this point, I’d fully forgotten how to act like a normal person in public. Thankfully, I could see her smiling behind her mask.

The truth is, I am ready. I’ve been ready for the past two months. And look, I love summer. I mean I really, really enjoy spending the summer with my family. I enjoy the downtime, the sleeping in, and the late-night movies.

But we’ve been in some sort of summer mode since March 13th. I’ve had plenty, thanks. I’m ready to exit the ride.

I took my daughter uniform shopping in June. In fact, she stood in this exact same doorway that she did in 2012. I’ve pulled out my son’s stacks of navy-blue shorts to start sorting them by size. I checked his white shirts for 3rd-grade viability. I was in Walmart yesterday and quietly stepped over into the office supply section to see if the school supplies were out yet. I felt a small pang of disappointment when they were not.

I’m ready.

Look, I know our lives will not go back to our previous state of normal. But at this point, I’ll take ANY version of normal I can get my hands on.

I’m tired of feeling like all I say is ‘No.’ I’m tired of my kids’ ongoing disappointment. I’m tired of my broken record speech about staying focused on the checks that are in the plus column.

I’m tired of rallying the troops to stay positive.

I know things will not magically change in August. Yes, I know things could get worse. (Damnit, America, please get your collective self together.) While I understand what we did for those months was necessary, it was not sustainable. So, I have to have faith.

Without faith, I am nothing. Without hope for the future, I am lost. So, I’m choosing to focus on the positives that may lie ahead. Things may certainly look different for all of us in August, but my God it will feel amazing to be back!

I’m ready.”

Courtesy of Melanie Forstall

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Melanie Forstall, 45, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can follow her journey on Instagram here and Facebook here. Do you have a similar experience? We’d like to hear your important journey. Submit your own story here. Be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories, and YouTube for our best videos.

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