‘Every day I see women posting negative statuses like, ‘Stop using Snapchat filters, stop using the smooth tool, stop taking gym selfies…we get it.’: Woman urges ‘let her do it’

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“Let her do it.

If she uses a Snapchat filter every time she takes a picture because it makes her feel pretty. Let her do it.

If she wears the same kind of shirt every day because it’s the one she feels comfortable in. Let her do it.

If she crops every picture to hide how much weight she’s gained or what she doesn’t like about her body. Let her do it.

If she takes gym selfies to track her progress every day. Let her do it.

Woman in red leggings smiles big at the gym in front of mirror
Courtesy of Reilee Jones

If she poses the same way in every picture because she likes that angle of her body the best. Let her do it.

If she makes you retake the same picture over and over again because she doesn’t like how she looks. Let her do it.

If she feels confident enough to rock a crop top and shorts — even though she has stretch marks and cellulite. Let her do it.

Woman in black sheer top smiles with hands on hip
Courtesy of Reilee Jones

If she wants to rock a bikini at the beach even though she doesn’t have the body she had in high school. Let her do it.

Woman in blue bathing suit and black sunglasses smiles in selfie on the beach
Courtesy of Reilee Jones

We live in a society where it’s hard to feel good enough. Yet I see women every day posting negative statuses like ‘Stop using Snapchat filters to make your eyes look bigger, stop using the smooth tool, stop taking gym selfies…we get it.’

Why would you ever want her to stop doing something that makes her feel good? Why does it matter to you?

If it makes her feel pretty, even for a split second if it makes her feel good about herself…let her do it.

Plus-sized woman in black leggings and black crop top smiles for camera
Courtesy of Reilee Jones

It’s easy to find the dirt on someone. Be the one who finds the gold.

Let’s focus more on building each other up, showing grace and kindness.

And ladies, don’t forget to also focus more on being pretty on the inside. That will be the kind of pretty that doesn’t wash off. I call that kind of pretty, BEAUTIFUL.”

Woman with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles into camera
Courtesy of Reilee Jones

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