‘He quietly tip-toed into my room, eyes sleepy and hair disheveled from tossing and turning. ‘Can I lie with you?’: Mom shares sweet reminder ‘one day they won’t come to you anymore’

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“The little boy quietly tip-toed into my room, as if he was invisible. His eyes were sleepy, yet he was wide awake.

His hair was disheveled from tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

‘Can I lie with you?’

Of course I said yes.

He snuggled in and wrapped his small arms around me tightly, almost squeezing me.

He just needed his mom.

I wanted some me time. Scratch that. I NEEDED some me time, but I was unable to turn him away.
I knew he needed me.
He needed comforting.
He needed to know that I was there, and he could count on me.

Courtesy of Karen Szabo

You see, this lockdown and remote learning isn’t boding well with him. He’s high energy and busy.
He can’t sit at a computer and listen.
He’s distracted. Unfocussed.

And while I’m irritated and frustrated with his inability to follow through, I’m also empathetic to his situation.
He is, after all, a mini version of his mom.

It’s quite obvious how similar he is to me as a child. Heck, even as an adult I have trouble concentrating and focusing.

It’s been a really rough go.

But regardless of how selfish I wanted to be in that moment, I couldn’t turn him away.

We lay there, silently, watching some mindless television program that he didn’t understand, and I felt him release his energy.
He became calmer and more settled.
He felt safe and supported.

There will be a time when he won’t come to me, I know this.
He will be too cool or think he’s too old to go see mommy.
He’ll try to fight it on his own.

But until that day comes, I will be here.
And he knows it.”

Courtesy of Karen Szabo

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