‘How the heck am I going to have TWO babies? How will I afford them? When will I sleep? What will I do?’: Twin mom reminds us ‘you can, and you will’

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“When you find out there are two babies growing inside of you instead of the standard order you placed for one, you immediately think, ‘How the hell am I going to have two babies?’

How will my body grow big enough?

How will I afford them?

When will I sleep?

What will I do?

I’m here to say—you will.

Our bodies are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. You will stretch a scientific f*ckton as one baby creates a prison cell out of your rib cage, while the other sticks its head into the birth canal and calls it a day. Or a month. Or nine. The point is, your body can and you will. It’s going to surprise you, and you’re going to be amazing.

Somehow finances just end up working. It may consist of hard work, serious budgeting, and working your ass off, but it somehow works out and you manage to make sure your babies are provided for. You’re going to be amazing.

After receiving my PhD in Sleep Deprivation, I can confirm the torture method is exactly that. Torture. The thing is though, we fight our will to crash and burn while looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, igniting someone else’s torch to tap in and help us find our way when we need it. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. Just for a laugh, I’ll add in sleep when the babies sleep. Either way, trust me when I say you WILL sleep. You’re going to be amazing.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to do because motherhood is going to be your own personal journey of twists and turns leading you down a totally unexpected path. It shapes your life and forms a new you that you never thought was possible. That maternal instinct is buried inside of you, and at some point, it’s going to burst out and you’ll just know the answer all of a sudden. It sounds crazy, but seriously, a time will come where you just get the feeling you know what needs to happen. You’re going to be amazing.

You’re going to be amazing.”

Courtesy of Katie Bowman

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