‘I have a loving husband. My life is a fairytale. I should be smiling. I have no sob story to garner support.’: Mom suffering from depression gets real about mental health stigmas

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“You would think I’d be the happiest woman in the world.

And honestly, I should be.

I have a loving husband, two healthy children, and a thriving career. At 36 years old, my life is on the upswing. Who would have thought?

Courtesy of Mary Katherine Backstrom

I have no reason to struggle. I have no reason to cry.

Except, I have depression.

My friends ask why I am having a bad day.

‘Look at all the amazing things happening in your life! MK—you are cancer free! You are publishing your first book! You have everything you have ever wanted!’

Except, I also have depression.

I remember recovering from my kidney donation. The stitches in my abdomen stretched every time I reached for a cup of water. I would buckle over in pain, and family members would rush to my side with medicine and whispers of encouragement.

I had reason to hurt. My wounds were physical and obvious and raw.

I was treated with exquisite care.

And I remember recovering from my bilateral mastectomy. Nothing earns the world’s empathy quite like a young, cancer-stricken mother. I got cards and candy. So much mail. Hugs and support.

I had reason to cry. I had lost my breasts.

For goodness sake, I was diagnosed with cancer.

But when I’m suffering from depression…

There are no stitches aching in my side. My body looks perfectly fine.

I have no sob story to garner support. There are no scars. No candy or whispers of encouragement.

My life is a fairytale, these days.

I should be smiling.

Hell, I should be DANCING.

Except, I have depression.

My friends, if you are reading this, I need you to know a brutal, unbelievable truth:

I’ve given an organ. I’ve had two breasts surgically removed from my body.

Physically? I’ve been through hell.

But NOTHING has hurt as deeply as mental illness.

I suffer from depression.

Key word: SUFFER.

Because walking this road is lonely and long and humiliating. I don’t deserve anyone’s flowers. I haven’t earned any onlooker’s sympathy.

Looking at the highlight reel of my life, I should be relishing this season of blessings. I should be smiling and praising God for every good thing that I’ve undeservingly received.

Except… I have depression.”

Courtesy of Mary Katherine Backstrom

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