‘I jumpstarted her car. ‘That’s what I’m talking ‘bout! Y’all don’t need no man!’ Then, my heart broke.’: Woman says ‘there is nothing wrong with needing and wanting your husband’

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“One of my girlfriends was stranded at a local drive thru and believed her battery needed a jumpstart. 

wasn’t but 10 minutes away, so I let my husband know what I was doing, grabbed his jumper cables from his truck toolbox, and headed to bring some reprieve for my friend. 

I pulled in next to her, popped my hood, unraveled the cables, and recited, ‘Red on red. Black on black.’ 

‘Okay, fire her up.’ 

It didn’t even take 5 minutes. 

Two older ladies were watching us in the stall next to us. 

‘That’s what I’m talking ‘bout! Y’all don’t need no man!’ one exclaimed from the driver’s window. 

‘That’s right! We only need them to reproduce!’ I replied jokingly. 

I closed our truck hoods and waved goodbye as I smiled at my friend and her two boys in the back. 

Then the gentle breeze of correction from the Holy Spirit brushed my heart. 

‘What if the boys had heard you…’ 

Oh, my heart broke. 

I would NEVER want to make ANYONE, especially a child, feel less than…unimportant…dispensable. 

I thought about how much I DO need my husband. 

I need him to bear the weight of family when my knees are buckling under depression. 

I need him to lift me up when fear causes me to back down. 

I need him to be the voice of reason when the chaos is deafening. 

I need him to make me laugh when I’m taking things too seriously. 

I need his security and the safety he provides. 

I need his wise leading. 

I need him. 

Not only do I need him, but I want him. 

I want his friendship and conversation. 

I want his firm, calloused grip on my hand and his soft touch on my back. 

I want his contagious smile and inside jokes. 

I want his face to be the first and last I see every day. 

I want his advice. 

I want him. 


Now, until forever, I need him. I want him. 

There are a lot of women who pride themselves on independence. 

There’s nothing wrong with being an independent woman… 

But there’s also nothing wrong with needing and wanting your husband. 

I pray my son will have a wife who needs and wants him too. 

Our men need us. 

They need to know and feel like we actually need and want them around.” 

Courtesy of Stephanie Holbrook

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