‘I made the leap. I’d come face-to-face with the reality ‘life is too short.’ It was time to live that cliche.’: Woman urges ‘life is beautiful’ after medical miracle

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Trigger Warning: This story contains mention of miscarriage that may be triggering to some.

“I believe in the life-changing magic of authentic storytelling. Each and every one of us holds a story. And each and every one of those stories has scars, physical and emotional, woven into its seams. Embracing our scars together unlocks the roadmap leading us to who we were made to be—and what we were put here to do. I’ve seen this through those I love, and I’ve seen it in my own story, too.

In November of 2017, I underwent an attempted spinal neurofibroma resection surgery. A neurofibroma is a tumor that is embedded in one’s nerves. They were unable to remove the entire tumor, but the outcome overall was still viewed as a medical miracle. With the grace I was given to retain my life and 72% of my mobility, I decided it was time to dive into something my heart yearned to do for years: write.

After nearly a decade in luxury resorts across Florida in the wedding and event industry, I made the leap. I now write for a living full time. Coming face to face with the reality of the cliche ‘life is too short,’ it was time for me to live that cliche. Because life is indeed short. But it is also indeed beautiful.

I started sharing my writing with Love What Matters in the Spring of 2019. Since then, my life has been abundant in the lowest lows and highest highs. I became pregnant with twins, our miracle babies, in the Summer of 2019. Shortly after, I miscarried them both. To my husband and my extreme shock and delight, we were granted yet another miracle. I became pregnant with our rainbow baby boy. After a high-risk pregnancy after loss during a pandemic, the journey of a lifetime reached its happy beginning: James Grover was born in June of 2020.

Courtesy of Kelsey Pfleiderer

As we’ve welcomed James into the beauty of the world, our eyes have been opened to even more. I feel I learn more from him than I could ever teach him myself. Some may feel being way up high, overlooking thinks is the best perspective. But I’ve found that there is no greater, truer, more humbling perspective than being down on the ground, watching the eyes of a little one as they discover the world.

I recently and suddenly lost my Papa in January of 2021. He was my dearest person. This has propelled me forward even more—yet again placing the cliche at the very forefront: life is short. But if we allow it, life is beautiful.

I write for a living full time. I fill the pages of my Instagram and blog with real-life moments—from motherhood to chronic illness to grief to faith. While doing so, I compile my most treasured stories into a cherished journal with hopes of the pursuit of my own book. One day! Along with that, I help wedding businesses grow their online presence via social media coaching and consulting.

A high-risk pregnancy after loss during a pandemic, losing my dearest person, and gaining my dearest little person—I’ve taken a little hiatus from writing for Love What Matters. But I am ready to be back. We were all put here for a purpose. And that purpose is most beautifully lived out when we find it and celebrate it together. I am deeply thankful and honored to again share my heart with this platform. I cannot wait to get to know yours, too.”

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